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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MEDIA CONTACT:Deborah Daoust/(206) 769-0259

管窥中国历史 探索华夏文明


      西雅图中心节日系列活动:中国文化艺术节将于2015年5月16日(星期六)上午11:00至下午6点,在西雅图中心举办。本次文化艺术节通过中国音乐, 舞蹈, 武术, 书法绘画、工艺品 、中国食品及礼品等展位,展现独特的中华五千年文化。

      2015文化艺术节将庆祝西雅图和广东省之间不断推进的合作关系,继由深圳市市长许勤带领的代表团访问西雅图后,特邀广东省的艺术家陈知君 将展现 他的得奖艺术作品。

      现场的活动包括中国舞蹈, 中国武术、 中国与西方国古典乐器的演奏、乐队,中国绘画、书法等,活动旨在让各年龄层的参观者参与,并一起体验古老和现代的中华文化 。所有演出活动均由中国当地舞蹈、歌唱、武术团体演出。Yumbit将提供煎饼果子、盒饭、蛋糕卷,以及多种专为本次活动提供的美食, 西雅图第一个地道的中国美食车(Food Truck)将参与本届活动;活动展位也提供中国艺术品观赏及食品和茶饮品尝;


      西雅图中心节日是西雅图中心活动的一部分,活动免票。如果想了解更多关于中国文化艺术活动的信息,请登录,想了解其他西雅图中心的公共活动,请登录,或垂询206 684-7200。


      2015西雅图中心节日系列活动将在全年的23个周末展示不同的文化艺术,强调不同种族群体间的文化差异及共同特征,并通过传统及当代艺术、音乐、美食、青年活动、研讨会、市场等来呈现不同文化间的异同。西雅图中心节日由Coca-Cola, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile,KUOW 94.9 Public Radio, Boeing, RealNetworks and 4Culture盛情赞助,并得到了西雅图市及西雅图中心的大力支持。

Explore History & Heritage at

A Glimpse of China – Chinese Culture and Arts Festival

Seattle Center Festál:A Glimpse of China – Chinese Culture and Arts Festival,where Beijing meets Seattle,11 a.m.-6 p.m.,Saturday, May 16,in Seattle Center Armory. The festival highlights 5,000 years of Chinese history and showcases China’s distinct culture through arts and crafts, music and puppet performances, children’s activities and gift booths.

The 2015 festival celebrates increased partnership between Seattle and Guangdong province, with a large delegation led by Xu Qin, mayor of Shenzhen, visiting Seattle in late April. A special exhibition of work by Guangzhou-based artist Zhijun Chen emphasizes the artistic achievements of the province.

Sample Chinese crepes, bento,cake rolls and unique items created just for the festival at Yumbit, Seattle's first authentic Chinese food truck, or tour booths offering Chinese artwork, crafts and tea tastings. Workshops on wushu (Chinese martial arts), and traditional Chinese dance,music,painting and calligraphy allow visitors of all ages to engage directly with this ancient culture. Performances by local Chinese dance, singing and martial arts groups complete the festival's program.

In 2015, Seattle Center Festál explores the “art of culture” in 23 celebrations on weekends throughout the year. The events, organized by ethnic/cultural organizations in partnership with Seattle Center, make use of indoor and outdoor spaces on the grounds and offer wide-ranging entertainment, food, visual displays and exhibits and hands-on learning opportunities. The annual series forms the bedrock of public programming at Seattle Center, captivating and enlightening festival-goers as they experience the distinct cultures that influence the character and course of our broader community.

Seattle Center Festál is a program of Seattle Center Productions. Admission is free-of-charge. For more information on A Glimpse of China – Chinese Culture and Arts Festival program, Click on , and for other Seattle Center public programming, click, ?or, or call 206 684-7200.

About Seattle Center Festál

Seattle Center Festál 2015 explores the art of culture on weekends throughout the year. The festivals highlight the diverse cultures and common threads of ethnic communities in our region with traditional and contemporary art, music, foods, youth activities, workshops, marketplaces and more. This collection of 23 cultural events is produced with the generous support of Coca-Cola, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile,KUOW 94.9 Public Radio, Boeing, RealNetworks and 4Culture. Additional support is provided by the City of Seattle and Seattle Center Foundation.

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